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The Hybrid Office

Our company name is LunaLista and our mission is, to help foster an office community, to make your office more attractive and motivational to work for. We connect people whether they are in or away from the office.

Our service can be divided into two parts. And you can use either one or both.


Physical office community

Have no doubt that your physical office(s) is your strength and we want to make that community your core asset.

In order for your office to have a strong community you need for the Agent to socialize. We have experience in what works here.

To show Agent appreciations we will utilize your TV screens and push out content that make them appreciated. We have a lot of experience in content that is well received … and this really works.

We have special developed devices that you connect to your TVs and the internet. You can remotely control them from anywhere. The office will get the feel of an inviting dynamic atmosphere. If you don’t already have great music in the office, then we will help you get there.

Today you only have few agents in the office at a time. We will make it feel far less empty. You will see a trend towards more Agents once the Agents start socializing more.

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Online community

An equally important element is to maintain the community when agents are not in the office.

We built from ground up an internal communication system for you. Agents will love it. It will be a recruitment tool for you. 

We integrate the online communication with your TV screens in your physical office(s) to ensure Agents are reminded of both ways to be part of your community.

We have deep experience on content driven engagement so LunaLista alone will probably drive your monthly office engagement to +50%. If you also utilize the calendar setup, and follow our guidelines, you are likely to be at +60% engagement. If you as the leader on top of that have a weekly relevant message (we have suggestions) then you can be in the +80% office engagement.

We don’t count engagement as just opened some email. Your members have to actually be inside LunaLista for that to count as engagement. Yes …The engagement will be far better than what you have today.


The era of the hybrid office


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Luna: Means Moon. Is the name of female goddess 
Lista: Means ready & smart

We are based in beautiful, sunny and diverse Los Angeles

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